15103638056_73a335b08f_oSpaces jam e-juice Andromeda is a famous, favorite flavor that put Space Jam on the most popular list of e-juices in this galaxy. Andromeda made by Space Jam mixes two unlikely flavors perfectly. You would not consider putting Blueberry and Pomegranate together and expect them to coexist. However Andromeda flavor has done just that. The two flavors do coexist quite lovely.
A creamy flavor that made Space Jam famous since the year 2012 and keeps vaping enthusiasts coming back as well as trying other space jam flavors. Literally thousands of people love Space jam Andromeda e-juice. Its blueberry blend is creamy just the right amount of sweet juicy creamy taste. Some users even comment they can taste a hint of licorice in their mouth.
Anyone who has used this particular flavor keeps on using it; furthermore they tell their friends and let their friends try this great flavor. Its creamy, sweet, fruity flavor can be vaped all day without tiring of it. Andromeda keeps people coming back to this out of this world taste. As more and more people discover the healthy alternative to smoking Andromeda continues to grow in popularity.
As with all the space jam e-juice flavors Andromeda comes in the 15 ml size bottle and the 30 ml size for heavy personal vaporizer use. The Andromeda flavor also comes in different strengths 0 mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg strengths. Therefore there is the perfect milligram strength for ever vape user. This flavor can be used in almost any type personal vaporizer the user chooses. This flavor e-juice produces plenty of exhaled vapors making the experience like the real thing.
9628487175_aec8e93c76_oFor all who have not tried the Andromeda flavor it is a must try. All the space jam e-juices are the best alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Instead of breathing in harmful chemicals and carcinogens like with smoking. Vaporizer users breathe in aerosols without the harmful side effects. Space jam e-juices come in many different flavors other than blueberry and pomegranate.
Space jam also has other fruity flavors and even a Cavendish tobacco blend for the hard core tobacco vape users that like the tobacco flavor. There is a flavor for everyone who wishes to quit harmful smoking or want an alternative to smoking. Andromeda is a great way to quit smoking cigarettes and experience out of this galaxy flavor. If you want to experience something new and light years in advanced taste then you must try Andromeda or one of the outrageous flavor mixtures made by the space jam brand of e-juices.